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Relationship between Life and Death

6:08 min. - Remark about birth, breastfeeding and dreams. The importance of dreams.


Laura Pinette - It's better now, I've started to adapt, I doubted myself and had so many questions. Is it normal that she vomits, that her stomach hurts? Am I eating the wrong thing?
Marceline Tshirnish - Some children are more prone to colic. So even if you bottle-fed her, your baby would still get colic. Sometimes mothers deprive themselves of certain healthy foods, blaming the food for their baby's colic. It's more a question of each mother and how she digests. You have to proceed by elimination and not deprive yourself of healthy foods.
Evelyne St-Onge & Laura Pinette - You must look at her often while she sleeps.
Yes, the crib is by my bed, it's easier for breastfeeding. If she sleeps too long, I check to see if she's breathing.
Are you afraid?
No, I'm more careful driving, I don't drive fast. I take care of myself, because I don't want to lose her. I worry the minute she has a problem. I always want to be there. If anything happened, who would take care of her...
Evelyne St-Onge - I dreamed about snow twice.
I dreamed... it was winter and I had Nukum by the hand, there was a kind of barricade and I was taking her to the other side... And, when Nukum was very ill, I'm the one who told her she could go.
There's another dream... I was on a boat and I was going to Priscilla's house. When I got there, I leaned against a wall near the door... and a huge bunch of snow fell on me. And yet I was far away, I had taken the boat with my son Mishtashipu and when I arrived in Mani-utenam, Priscilla had delivered a stillborn baby.
Laura Pinette - Everything I thought he would be: bald, pale, tiny... He's the opposite of what I imagined. There's one thing I found difficult when I got home, you see that your life has changed, you realize that you can't live as you did before, but I enjoy that. I'm happy. Words can't express the love within our couple, and in addition, now that the baby is here, love is even stronger, you want to hang on to life, you want to be careful with life. The baby's presence is very strong. All that makes you forget the suffering, the pain of childbirth. The 2 weeks after the birth should allow you to rest and relax.
Music - Kathia Rock

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