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Opening to the World : Mother Earth

The Innu share the notion of “Mother Earth”, the foundation that explains everything, with other traditional cultures. The code of respect and open-mindedness that stems from this notion is shared by all, not only their immediate neighbours, the Naskapi, but also Nations as far away as the Kayapo of the Amazon and the Aymara from Bolivia. A very eloquent illustration of this can be found in the series "Nukum", where birth is associated with “Mother Earth”. Indeed, these notions of respect and open-mindedness are at the heart of the project “Under the Shaputuan” and inspired the intercultural exchange shown in "Ashtam" (come visit me).

Sun Gate

The Sun Gate ceremony was the culmination of an inter-religious pilgrimage in Bolivia commemorating the 500th anniversary of American Indian resistance. Aboriginal spiritual leaders invited representatives from the great planetary religions (Catholic, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu etc.) to discuss spirituality with them. For the first time in 500 years, aboriginal spirituality came out of secrecy and put forth its point of view. At a time when ecology is increasingly present, we need to understand aboriginal spirituality based on the principle of Mother Earth, or Pachamama for South American Indians.

5:55 min. - In 1992, while Europe celebrated the discovery of the Americas, a meeting on the subject of aboriginal spirituality took place in Tiwanaco, Bolivia. Representatives of the great planetary religions were invited and a secret ceremony, the Sun Gate ceremony, was revealed.

Video Transcription

For thousands of years in Tiwanaco, Bolivia, a great gathering takes place on June 21 to celebrate the New Year, which begins with the summer solstice. This celebration was forbidden alter the Spanish Conquest. However, in 1992, while Spain was celebrating the discovery of the Americas, the Aymaras of Bolivia invited representatives of the planet’s great religions to join them and participate in this celebration.
Music - Sisa Pacari

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