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Meeting of Two Cultures

Aware that the social context in Quebec is one of ignorance of First Nations, two groups of young primary school students held two encounters in 1993: one in Montréal and another in Mani-utenam. Ashtam means "come see me".

  • Preparations
    5:06 min - A meeting between children from the Mani-utenam primary school and Montreal’s Arc-en-ciel school. This student exchange occurred in 1993.
    Young Innu playing bingo in Mani-utenam
  • In Montreal
    9:45 min - Ashtam means: “come see me”. Here, about 30 young Innu from Mani-utenam are leaving for an adventure with other kids ...
    Young Innu on a ride at Montreal’s La Ronde
  • In Mani-utenam
    13:25 min - The same group of Montreal children settle in near the Moisie River to share the experience of Innu life with ...
    Kids from Montreal’s Arc-en-ciel school in front of a tent in Mani-Utenam

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