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After the Birth

3:46 min. - Difficulties that arise after a birth.


Laura Pinette - I cried a lot, it had been a very long labour, and I was very tired. I had many visitors right after the birth, and I hardly slept at all for 24 hours. I was hungry, I didn't eat enough at the hospital. I couldn't recover. It was a difficult time. After 2-3 days at home, I was tired, I had a fever, my breasts hurt... I ached, I was very sleepy and I couldn't sleep because of the baby, I could take care of the baby, but I was too tired to take care of myself. But my mother knew I wasn't well. My mother encouraged me, helped me, she visited often, she took care of the baby, which gave me some time for myself.
Evelyne St-Onge - What's her name?
Laura Pinette - Ayna.
Anne-Marie André - It happened on the train, two female Innu elders were talking to a woman who was breastfeeding. They told her that if she spoke Innu to the baby while breastfeeding, it would understand everything.
Music - Kathia Rock

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