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Traditional gatherings were very important to the Innu, first of all for the health of the nation (encounters between the youth of different families avoided inbreeding) and also to share among communities. Two large gatherings, Mashkuanu in summer and Tshishe-shastshit in winter, were the most important. Nowadays, many gatherings, including Innu Nikamu in Mani-utenam and the elders’ annual meetings, which change venues from year to year, aim at recovering this dimension.

  • Goals
    1:20 min - Traditional Innu gatherings had two main goals: to socialise among far-flung communities and avoid inbreeding by allowing young people to ...
    Children dancing at the Innu Nikamu music festival in Mani-Utenam
  • Gatherings and Weddings
    8:08 min - Wedding were the principal reason for Innu gatherings. The arrival of residential schools and houses brought an end to these ...
    Mr. and Mrs. Poker tell the story of how they met
  • Present Day
    12:30 min - In 2004, First nations of Quebec and Labrador Youth Council organized a special gathering on the shores of the Mishta-shipu ...
    Aerial view of the great Manu Aitun camping grounds during a gathering near the Moisie River

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