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Hospital Delivery

3:15 min. - We all go to the hospital now. As soon as we have the slightest problem, we go see a doctor. That’s how we live.


Evelyne St-Onge - We are very proud of you, you're pregnant, you're expecting a child, you're carrying life. After giving birth, no one notices you, they don't bother with the mother, they're more about taking care of the baby.
Do you think young women prefer delivering in the hospital?
Laura Pinette - It doesn't even occur to us to deliver with a midwife. It's not a concern, all of us go to the hospital now. The minute we have a little scratch, we go to the doctor's. That's how we live. I'm going to the hospital too, and I'm even excited about it.
Music - Kathia Rock

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ferdin 10 years, 5 months ago

c'est splendide, toujours l'harmonie de vie

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