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The federal government acquired 8.3 hectares in 1952 for the use of the Innu of Natashquan, which means “the place where we hunt bear”. Two subsequent acquisitions brought the territory to its current dimensions. This community is located at the mouth of the Natashquan River in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, 336 km east of Sept-Îles.

Phonetic: Na-tash-kou-an

Number of persons within the community: 900
Number of persons outside the community: 57
Total: 957

Territory Name: Natashquan Reserve
Surface: 20.3 hectares (50.2 acres)
Localisation: The community is located where the Natashquan River flows into the Gulf of St.Lawrence, 336 kilometres east of Sept-Îles

Tribal Council: Mamuitun

The local economy is based chiefly on arts and handicrafts, trapping, tourism, construction, transport, outfitters and commercial fishing.
The Band council owns a boat and holds a crab-fishing licence.
There are approximately 20 businesses on this reserve: services such as the community store, arts and handicrafts, camping equipment, taxi, heavy equipment, caterer, sanitary services and commercial fishing.

École Uauitshitun: Pre-Kindergarden to Secondary 5
Number of students: 179

Fire protection: Fire station, fire engine, firefighting equipment
Police services: Provided by the Aboriginal police force recognized under an agreement between the Band council, the Government of Canada and the Government of Quebec.
Medical care: Nursing station managed by the Band council under a transfer agreement with Health Canada.
Main community facilities: Community radio station, community hall, recreation centre, church
Housing Units: 160

Statistics Canada (2006 Census)

  • Community
    2:54 min - “What were the Whites looking for in Natashquan?”
    “I think they came here looking for a safe place to live ...
    Natashquan’s community radio sign
  • Innucadie: Beginning of the Stories and Legends Festival.
    2:21 min - Joséphine Bacon, an Innu, tells us about the relationship between Innu and Acadians in Natashquan. The Innucadie festival springs from ...
    Joséphine Bacon recounts the origins of Natashquan's Innucadie festival
  • Innucadie: Opening
    5:10 min - Opening of Innucadie, Year One of the first Natashquan Stories and Legends Festival, recorded in 2006. Guests: Kathia Rock, Rita ...
    Two hosts announce the opening of the Innucadie festival

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