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Before going to our land, everything had to be planned, since we were leaving for 8 months in the bush. We repaired or built the canoes needed to transport everyone, and prepared packets of flour. The men took care of the equipment for the trip and planned the trajectory. Women repaired tents and took care of children’s clothing. Some planned their delivery in the bush with the midwife.

  • Preparations, Traditional Teachings
    9:16 min - After the great gatherings and weddings, the Innu were already getting ready to go upriver into the bush. All opportunities ...
    An elder from Ekuanitshit teaches her grandchildren some of her knowledge of plants
  • Day-to-day Preparations
    13:10 min - During summer, men were responsible for providing food for everyone, repairing canoes and supporting the less fortunate. Boys were encouraged ...
    Two Innu women measure a canvas to make a tent
  • Practical Teachings for Youth
    7:32 min - Occasionally, certain elders were asked to teach specific practices, hunting woodchucks for example.
    An Ekuanitshit elder teaches some youth how to make bread in the sand

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