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Huron Newborn Ceremony

4:47 min. - When a child is born, friends and relatives gather and the new arrival is introduced to them.


Jean-Philippe Sioui - Thank you for coming here today, we're having a traditional ceremony for Yokoisé, Yokoisé in Huron, means the wind, the son of the wind. You've written a thought on a piece of paper. While I chant for my son "The Children's Chant", I'd like you to place your thought under the tree. We have a very strong bond with nature, whether it be an animal, a tree, a flower, or water, earth, air, sky, we all have bonds with these elements. Today we will bond Yokoisé to wata, the sugar maple.
Normand Sioui - Love, peace...
It's our parents' and grandparents' work that we see being accomplished here today, and that gives us this opportunity. Loving our dear ones, that is our family's treasure.
Music - Kathia Rock

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