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Food from the Caribou

Innu society is a society of hunters based on a life structured around the hunt and the seasons, in which nothing is random and everything is based on an immutable natural cycle. At a very early age, members of this society become familiar with each animal's temperament according to its gender, behaviour, visible strengths and weaknesses, and the season. In reality, the Innu, a nomadic hunter, walks behind his “menu”.

  • Caribou Meat
    4:59 min - The caribou’s head has always been the most sought-after part, the part we give to guests. To make the ...
    Pelashe Bellefleur hangs caribou meat inside a tent to dry it
  • Caribou Bones
    3:30 min - After cutting the caribou bones into pieces, we add water and cook them. This is the fat we'll offer ...
    Antoine Bellefleur crushes a caribou bone against a rock to extract its marrow
  • Preservation
    2:52 min - Nomads take great care to wrap the food carefully in birch bark, a leakproof material. Then they place the packet ...
    Zacharie and Jean-Baptiste Bellefleur wrap food and place it on a cache
  • Respect for the Bones
    2:26 min - Placing leftovers on the cache is a sign of respect for the caribou. Naturally we want the hunter to keep ...
    Out of respect for the caribou, Antoine Bellefleur places his crushed bones on a tree branch

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