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4. Hunter : Snowshoe

6:15 min. - Messenak receives his first pair of snowshoes from Nukum, his great-grandmother: this first pair of snowshoes will bring him to the way of the Innu hunter. But learning is not as easy as one might think. That is why Nukum has invited Messenak to come and visit her.

Video Transcription

Messenak - The next day Mushum and I took care of the wood for the fire. I wanted to tell Mushum of my dream but we were too busy, and even at that, I didn't know how to... When we got back, our visitors had arrived. In Nukum's tent, and all around, there was a flutter of activity... Increasingly I felt that something was about to happen... Practically my whole family was there! I finally told Mushum of my dream...
Zacharie Bellefleur - Your dreams are important Messenak... They are your contact with the spirit world... With time you will learn to understand your dreams and what they mean... If you want, I can help you now to look within your heart and integrate Metshu's message...
Messenak - Do you think he really wanted to tell me something?
Zacharie Bellefleur - I'm not sure... It's said that Metshu is the wise one, the one who sees beyond, who understands. You said he spoke to you in your dream... Perhaps you have questions within you to which he has the answer.
Messenak - Why was Nukum in my dream?
Zacharie Bellefleur - Nukum is one of the old ones, an elder among the women in your family, your great grandmother... She has a lot to give you... Maybe Metshu wanted to tell you that she too has answers to your questions.
Messenak - I was also wondering why I dreamt about my mother... But I didn't ask Mushum about it... I looked into my heart and the memory of Nakaui's smile warmed me...
Zacharie Bellefleur - There's something else of importance in your dream, Messenak. For the first time you dreamt about drums... Maybe you'll take up the drum later, like your great grandfather... Maybe that's what Methsu, who's far seeing, came to tell you...
Messenak - The moment I've been waiting for has arrived. Nukum's asked me to wear my moccasins and my traditional hunting outfit... My first snowshoes... As she gave them to me Nukum said: "Here, Kanatuut, these are for you". By giving me my first snowshoes which she herself made, Nukum gave me the gift of freedom... I could finally go where I wanted, follow the others without any problem... Gone were the days when I was a prisoner of the snow! I was so happy... I felt like taking flight! That day with Mushum, my snowshoes on my feet, I took my first steps on the path of manhood, on the path of the Innu hunter Kanatuut...
Music - Philippe Mckenzie

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Elysabeth B 8 years, 10 months ago

super connexion avec les enseignements des rêves, la transmission des valeurs, les raquettes comme cadeau de la liberté, quelle belle grand-mère! excellent, merci

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