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This community was founded in 1963 following the transfer of provincial lands to the federal government. It is located at the confluence of the Mingan River and the Gulf of Saint-Lawrence, 28 km West of Havre-Saint-Pierre. It was settled mainly by families who travelled the Magpie, Saint-Jean and Romaine Rivers. The community faces the Mingan Archipelago, a site that has always been used by the Innu, who hunted seal there among other activities. Ekuanitshit means "where things run aground."

Phonetic: E-kou-a-nit-shit

Number of persons within the community: 514
Number of persons outside the community: 24
Total: 538

Territory Name: Mingan Reserve
Surface: 1 919 hectares (4 741.8 acres)
Localisation: The community is located at the confluence of the Mingan River and the St. Lawrence River, 28 kilometres west of Havre-Saint-Pierre.

Tribal Council: Mamit Innuat

The local economy is based chiefly on arts and handicrafts, fishing, outfitters, tourism, trapping and service businesses.
Few businesses are located on the reserve, and most of them are community businesses, including a community store as well as outfits in the arts and handicrafts and restaurant sectors.

École Teueikan: Pre-Kindergarden to Secondary 4
Number of students: 125

Fire protection: Fire station, fire engine, firefighting equipment
Police services: Provided by the Aboriginal police force recognized under an agreement between the Band council, the Government of Canada and the Government of Quebec.
Medical care: Health centre managed by the Band council under a transfer agreement with Health Canada.
Main community facilities: Community radio station, church, outdoor skating rink, library, Montagnais (Innu) culture interpretation centre
Housing Units: 129

Statistics Canada (2006 Census)

  • Community
    4:48 min - There were camps everywhere on the islands off the seashore. We came to hunt seal because we needed moccasins for ...
    Aerial view of the community of Ekuanitshit
  • Canoe Race
    1:01 min - Traditional canoe race at the Ekuanitshit pow-wow.
    Canoe race on the Mingan River

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