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Small Game Hunting

Small game hunting, or hunting small edible animals, is mostly women’s work. Often accompanied by children, they go out to set snares or traps. Particularly in the fall, they stay in the camp with the children while the caribou hunters go into the forest. When the season no longer allows the hunters to stray very far, for example while the lakes freeze, they all go small game hunting together. Hunters who leave for long periods to hunt caribou also hunt small game until they kill a caribou.

  • Woodchuck Snare
    3:31 min - Setting a snare for a woodchuck with materials at hand.
    A woman sets a marmot snare
  • Partridge Snare
    1:33 min - With a piece of wood and a root, you’ve got an efficient partridge snare!
    Partridges in a tree
  • Hare Trap
    1:34 min - This little house will be very attractive to a hare.
    Making a hare trap
  • Dressing a Hare
    10:45 min - Individual lesson in dressing and cooking a hare
    Zacharie Bellefleur skins a hare

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