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Nametau innu: Memory and knowledge of Nitassinan

With the Summer coming to an end, families from Moisie river would go up the Mishta-shipu River to reach Nitassinan, their traditional hunting ground. Using larch poles, they would push their way northward, up to a point where the current changes direction. At that point, they would give up their now useless perches, the watercourse flowing North. Like this example, Nametau innu means traces left by the innu in their territory for about 8 000 years.


Welcome to "Nametau innu: Memory and knowledge of Nitassinan", a website dedicated to the Innu nation in which elders pass on their skills and knowledge to younger generations. The site, split into four sections: First steps, Innu Daily Life, Innu World and Glossary, is also a response to widespread ignorance about Innu reality, heritage and living culture. It is a quite involuntary misunderstanding among Quebecers despite clear evidence of miscegenation, among other First Nations struggling with their own challenges and among young innus in quest of their own identity.

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