3:57 min. - Breastfeeding can prevent pregnancy, but only under certain conditions: the baby must be fed breast milk only, 8 to 10 times a day for the first 6 months, and the mother must not have had a period.


Laura Pinette - Is it possible she's still vomiting secretions from the birth?
Marceline Tshirnish - Is it thick? Does she have a fever? We'll clean it out. This is a mixture of water and salt. It's just to clean it, but you can use it for prevention. It's certainly not pleasant. Your breasts look less swollen, don't they?
She almost had mastitis, a breast infection. The milk ducts were blocked. She produced a lot of milk and they got blocked. By breastfeeding often, massaging her breasts and applying hot compresses, she was able to unblock the ducts without antibiotics.
You always have to feed on demand, the quantity the baby needs and the mother's anatomy, what she can give. Maybe you have a strong jet. So at the beginning, she takes a lot without noticing, and there's too much milk, so she regurgitates it.
Laura Pinette - I enjoy it when I take her pyjama off and hold her close to me, skin against skin.
Dominic Rock - Does breastfeeding prevent you from getting pregnant?
Marceline Tshirnish - Yes, but not automatically...
Breastfeeding prevents pregnancy but only under certain conditions. Breast milk only, nothing else for the first 6 months. You must breastfeed 8 to 12 times a day, and not have your period.
Music - Kathia Rock

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