The Sept-Îles Innu’s first reserve goes back to 1906. Most of the families who returned there in the summer were linked to the Sainte-Marguerite River. Although its territory was redefined in 1925, its centre, now in the heart of the city of Sept-Îles, is still occupied by Innu families and bears the name of the old reserve. The territory of Uashat, (which means “the Bay”), at the western extremity of Sept-Îles, was transferred to the federal governement in 1925.

Phonetic: Ou-a-shat

Number of persons within the community: 3050
Number of persons outside the community: 678
Total: 3728

Territory Name: Uashat Reserve
Surface: Uashat : 117 hectares (289.1 acres)
Localisation: Uashat is located on the western outskirts of Sept-Îles.

Tribal Council : Mamuitun

The local economy is based chiefly on fishing, logging, trapping, construction, transport, outfitters, and arts and handicrafts.
There are approximately 50 businesses spread across both territories: food, alimentation, couture, management services, landscaping, heavy equipment, beauty care, electrician, translation, campground, convenience store, shopping centre, canoe-making, restaurant, commercial fishing and marine food processing.
The Musée Shaputuan (museum) was founded in 1998.

École Johnny Pilot (Uashat): Kindergarden to Elementary 6
Number of students: 174

École Manikanitesh (Uashat): Secondary 1 to Secondary 5
Number of students : 203

Fire protection: Provided by the municipality of Sept-Îles
Police services: Provided by the Aboriginal police force recognized under an agreement between the Band council, the Government of Canada and the Government of Quebec.
Medical care: Health centres managed by the Band council under a transfer agreement with Health Canada.
Main community facilities: Uashat: Community hall, outdoor theatre, senior citizens residence, outdoor skating rink, church, ball field, campground, youth centres, residence for the disabled and outdoor swimming pool
Housing Units: 384

Statistics Canada (2006 Census)

  • Community
    6:01 min - It’s called Uashat because of the bay surrounding Sept-Iles. This is where the Innu lived before moving over there ...
    The Uashat community’s Boulevard des Montagnais
  • Shaputuan
    5:16 min - Presentation in French of the Uashat Shaputuan Museum.
    Facade of Uashat’s Shaputuan Museum

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