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As soon as the caribou is killed, Innu start making the hunter’s snowshoes and moccasins. The hunter is essential to their survival, hence the great respect accorded him. The same respect applies to his equipment, meaning his clothing, food and snowshoes.

  • Temporary Snowshoes
    2:46 min - These temporary snowshoes are used at the beginning of winter when there’s not a lot of snow, to preserve ...
    Temporary snow shoes hanging from a tree branch
  • Importance
    2:53 min - Snowshoes are the most important item in winter. You can’t go anywhere without them in winter. An Innu has ...
    Traditional snowshoes hanging from a tree branch
  • Materials
    11:39 min - Great respect is given to the hunter and his gear, meaning his clothing, food and snowshoes. By knowing for whom ...
    Splitting birch using wooden pegs
  • Specific Features
    4:30 min - A snowshoe has a top and a bottom. Underneath, the frame's side is rounded to protect the rawhide from ...
    Jean-Baptiste Bellefleur shows how to hold a pair of snowshoes

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