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Raoni’s Visit

Presentation of legendary Chief Raoni, visiting Quebec's Côte-Nord Innu in August 2001. This small group visits the Mani-utenam, Unaman-shipu, Pakut-shipu and Ekuanitshit communities. Raoni takes the opportunity to criticize both the Brazilian and Canadian governments.

  • Who Are They?
    2:31 min - The Kayapo nation of the Amazon and their chief Raoni come to visit the Côte-Nord.
    One Innu and three Kayapo in a canoe on the Mingan River
  • Mani-utenam
    1:41 min - The first stop on the Kayapos' trip is Mani-utenam, at the Innu Nikamu festival.
    A group af Kayapo onstage at the Mani-utenam music festival
  • Unaman-shipu
    7:20 min - Following a short tour of the territory by plane, the Kayapos meet delegates from the community of Unaman-shipu to talk ...
    Kayapo chief Raoni explains his political approach to the Unaman-shipu chief
  • Pakut-shipu
    1:48 min - In Pakut-shipu they see the Robertson Dam facilities and their effect on the land.
    View of the community of Pakut-shipu and its surroundings
  • Ekuanitshit
    9:08 min - In Ekuanitshit, Chief Pietacho welcomes the Kayapos. The community honors Grand Chief Raoni for his acheivements in the Amazon and ...
    Group of people around Raoni in Ekuanitshit

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