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Experienced hunters know how to recognize clues that can help them interpret the weather and work with it.

  • Tracks
    0:30 min - Hunters notice and know how to interpret animal tracks according to the seasons and weather conditions.
    Interview with Basile Bellefleur
  • Forest
    1:09 min - You can tell what the weather will be like by looking at the tree branches.
    Fall landscape in the boreal forest
  • Winter in the Bush
    0:50 min - Remark about the Northern Lights
    Tent buried in the snow
  • Torch
    0:27 min - Remark about the sunset
    Winter sunset
  • Time
    2:17 min - Remark about the Morning Star
    Frozen lake
  • Splashes
    2:37 min - Weather predictions from observing raindrops fall on the water’s surface
    Misty lake
  • Freezing
    2:31 min - Interpretation of the sound of ice on a lake as it freezes
    Frozen lake with islands in the distance
  • February Snow
    2:13 min - Permanent snow falls during February storms.
    Snowbank sculpted by the wind
  • Snow
    1:17 min - There are many types of snow.
    Snowbanks sculpted by the wind
  • Partridge Snow
    0:54 min - In winter, there’s a type of snow we call partridge snow.
    Winter landscape
  • Round Snow
    0:37 min - Snow conditions that don’t require snowshoes to get around
    Ancient burned-out forest in winter
  • Tracks
    1:30 min - The relationship between animal tracks and upcoming weather
    Marsh in winter
  • Spring
    1:10 min - Spring snow makes the snow on the ground melt.
    Spring landscape in the bush
  • Morning Star
    1:24 min - Sometimes in the morning you can’t see the Morning Star on account of the clouds.
    Misty ocean
  • Wind
    1:58 min - The hunter makes sure to walk into the wind: he uses the wind to measure the distance between himself and ...
    Two hunters lying in wait
  • East Wind
    1:40 min - If they notice that the wind is blowing from the East and remains so the next morning, it means bad ...
    Early winter landscape

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