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Salmon Fishing

Also following the cycle of the seasons, salmon return from the Atlantic every spring to spawn in the rivers where they were born. This time of year also corresponds to the Innu’s return to the coast.


3:46 min. - Most Innu communities are located near salmon rivers. Although this is an advantage, we’ve still had to fight for our fishing rights on many occasions throughout the course of history.


Moisie River.
Natashquan River.
Antoine Ishpatau - The outfitter's former owner refused to hire Innu workers. So the Innu set their nets out and the White owners didn't like that. They arrived at a settlement in 1977. Innu guides would be hired on condition that the nets be removed. The Québec government didn't respect this agreement, and demonstrations were held. In 1983, Natashquan took over the entire management of the outfitter, Joseph Tetaut was chief at the time, we hired a White consultant who was familiar with the outfitter to train us over a 3-year period. Now, most of the workers are Innu.
Narrator - At the beginning of the 80's, the Ekuanitshit Innu disputed the management of the Mingan River by the Americans.
Music - Philippe Mckenzie

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Très beau films pour des info vous avec un site sur des films et des photos anciennes don j ai perdue la trace pouvez vous me faire parvenir le lien de ce site dont j était membres .merci Claude imbeault

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