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Caribou Hunt

The caribou provides us with everything: food, clothing, tools, etc. It is an archetypal element of subsistence for the Innu, providing nomads with essential supplies for life in the bush. We have therefore developed ways to understand it. As soon as they finish setting up camp, hunters have already started scouting. No sound, sign, reflection or movement escapes them. The wind makes a sound: is it a rock? Lichen? A caribou? We must go and see.

  • Base Camp
    2:11 min - Before setting out to visit the land and hunt, we settle comfortably in a place close to water, protected from ...
    Fall camp at night
  • Traditional Teachings
    2:38 min - Traditional teachings instilled the knowledge to find one’s bearings in the dark, alone in the forest, guided only by ...
    Two hunters prepare to launch their canoe
  • Tracks and Bearings
    10:17 min - The caribou begins to shed the velvet covering its anthers. It digs and unearths females’ urine. That’s what you ...
    Two hunters analyzing tracks in the sand near a lake
  • Hunting
    2:10 min - In October, nights are cold and the hunter has access to tracks frozen into the lichen to see where the ...
    Four caribou swimming in a lake, followed by hunters
  • Dreams
    2:14 min - “In my dream, there was a caribou trail. My grandfather was sitting at the end of the trail. And my ...
    At the head of a lake, four caribou get ready to go into the water
  • Losing the Trail
    2:45 min - Hunters can easily lose the caribou’s trail. In that case, they return to camp to consult the drummer.
    Panoramic view of a larch forest in its fall glory
  • Covenant with Papakassiku
    2:54 min - The foundations of respect for Papakassiku are based on the universal notion: “whatever you do to someone else will ...
    The lead caribou in the water, swimming across a lake

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