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Fall Camp

Camping in the bush in the fall can be very pleasant. You just have to know the basic techniques and, most importantly, everyone must do their job well: hunting game, fishing, finding branches, gathering firewood, and so on.

  • Organization
    3:12 min - Firewood and shelter from the wind were the two most important elements for a fall camp.
    Antoine and Pelashe Bellefleur setting up a tent
  • Individual Roles
    7:24 min - Once the men left to hunt for a long period, the women, often in pairs and sometimes accompanied by young ...
    A grandmother and her daughter prepare to smoke a fish
  • Winter Preparations
    5:39 min - Preparations had to be made for the Holidays: families were certain to have guests. Actually, these reunions had been planned ...
    Zacharie and Jean-Baptiste Bellefleur by a cache they have just built
  • Winter is Coming
    4:05 min - While children revelled in this new winter playground and hunters hunted for everyone, some had more free time and built ...
    Preparing to drill a fishing hole on an icy lake in early winter

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