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2. Contemporary Teaching : School

2:16 min. - Messenak will have to go to school in Unaman-shipu, as did his grandfather who was forced to go to the Sept Îles residential school fifty years earlier. And he lost his culture! What are the chances that this new pupil will encounter the same fate today, and lose Zacharie’s teachings?

Video Transcription

Messenak - When I was about 5 I made another important discovery... I learned that there's a world other than the one we see, the one we can touch... the spirit world, the world of the sacred... It's funny how it happened... First we moved from Mani-utenam to La Romaine. A 400 kilometer trip! Then my grandparents said I had to go to school, to nursery school. I was behind the other children because of the move and everything else... In the beginning I was afraid and I didn't want to go. I thought that what happened to Mushum would happen to me: that I had to leave and go far away from everyone and become a "boarder". But they reassured me... I would go the village school, I would still stay with them and all would be well. I was nervous the first day. I felt all alone without Mushum near. After all, he was my first teacher! And even though I really wanted to learn to read and write, I was afraid that what I'd learn at school would replace my other education, the one Mushum gave me. But in the end I loved school. There was always lots to do. And when classes were finished it was a really fun to take the school-bus home with my friends!
Music - Philippe Mckenzie

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Elysabeth B 8 years, 10 months ago

je suis surprise que ça soit positif l,intégration des enfants à la romaine, j,ai envie d,en savoir plus sur ce que va devenir notre petit héros, la musique est belle et entrainante, un sens de coopération règne entre les enfants et la famille a suivi le déplacement, ce qui est contribue à l,adaptation de l,enfant, un beau vidéo, bien fait, merci

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