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It is said that the history of a people resembles a river always flowing at the same rhythm, and always reacting predictably from one century to the next according to its own logic. However, there are times when that same river, or that same history, evolves in response to violent shocks. In the case that concerns us, the first real blow came after some 10,000 years of history, and, if we believe the Innu, took the innocent form of a bureaucrat sent by the King of France.


0:19 min. - A young man asks his grandfather: "Grandfather, what are you going to leave me?"
"All my territory and everything on it."

Video Transcription

Narrator - What are you going to leave me grand father? And the elder response: All of my territory and all that is on it. All of different kind of animal, all the different of fish, the trees, all the river. This is what I'll leave you in heritage.

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Claude Ferland 12 years, 9 months ago


J'aime bien la structure de votre site et son contenu. Je compte visiter la Côte Nord en 2011, et bien sûr les sites culturels innus accesibles aux visiteurs.

Question: connaissez-vous une (des) source(s) écrite(s) sur les récits innnus concernant leur histoire avant le contact avec les européens?


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