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Caribou Hide


5:18 min. - After placing the stakes to freeze the stretched hide, the inside is scraped once more. Once the hide is frozen, we untie it and hang it vertically. This way, the hide dries in the cold without touching the snow.


Marie-Josette Bellefleur - But when the hide comes out of the water, it tends to freeze more easily. Thus the importance of having two people to stretch it before it freezes. Once it's dried in the cold it will remain stretched.
Narrator - To obtain a soft, yet strong hide, you must remember to remove the natural coating that covers it.
Marie-Josette Bellefleur - Otherwise the hide will freeze quickly and loose its elasticity, making it impossible to stretch. After we've placed the stakes that will hold the stretched hide as it freezes, we scrape the interior once more. It has to be whiter, so the snowshoes will look nicer.
Once the hide is frozen, we untie it to protect it. Because it's snowing, and an accumulation of snow on the surface will thaw it out. Then we tie it vertically, higher up, to keep it frozen solid. This way, the hide dries in the cold without touching the snow. If the hide touches the snow, it will ice over without drying. So the stretched hide is hung in the cold and wind for three or four days, depending on the temperature, so it will dry in the cold.
Pelashe Mark - I'm trimming off the edges, where we made holes for the stakes. These pieces can still be used to repair snowshoes, for example.
Narrator - A very important step: analyzing the hide. Since it will be used to make rawhide sinew for snowshoes, parts of the hide are chosen to suit different sections of the snowshoe.
Pelashe Mark - The most solid leather, from the animal's back, will go in the middle of the snowshoe, and the thinnest part, from the flanks, will go for the snowshoe's front and back.
I've looked it over and cut the hide in four. Next, I'll cut it into strips.
Narrator - The heat of the tent softened the hide. Now we need to put it back outside to dry once again. Once the pieces of hide are frozen solid, we cut them into strips to make sinew. Then we immerse the strips so they will stretch even more. This way, the sinew will be even whiter.
Music - Rodrigue Fontaine, Bill St-Onge, Luc Bacon


Mathilde de France 1 year, 9 months ago

J'ai connu ce site grâce à la lecture du livre Kukum de Michel Jean sur la vie de son arrière-grand-mère.

Paleohakan 10 years, 8 months ago

I would appreciate where I can find raw or tanned caribou skin. I cant find it.

Paleohakan 10 years, 8 months ago

I would appreciate where I can find raw or tanned caribou skin. I cant find it.

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akutshimakanu mishtikuai
they soak the hide
katshepushtauakanu mishtikuai
we sew the hide to plug up the holes
mamakupetshineu utipaput
mix and knead the hide in the brain mixture to saturate it with the oil
they scrape hides
mautakanua ashinia
to gather stones
minuetshineu mishtikuaia
she folds the caribou hide
drum hoop
they scrape the hide
nakashkuauakanu mishtikuai
they keep the hide in the wind
we let the hide dry
they scrape a hide to remove the hair
they make a scraper to remove hair from the hide
pashkutshikan tshikauanu
he makes a scraper
dry, rotten tree stump
pimikatakanu utipapui
they add a little oil to the liquid brain mix
pitshissinikanu pashkutshitaku
crumble the stump so it dries faster
shash tshishi-uishkushauenanu
the smoking is finished
they hang up the hide remove excess water
they use a tool to wring it
he stretches the beaver hide
tshipuapitakanu mishtikuai
they tie up the hide to keep it closed
they use stakes to stretch the skin so it will dry
stake to keep the hide stretched and off the ground
uashkapeshuakanu mishtikuai
we trim the edges of the hide
cut rawhide sinew strips
uashtekanapissamu ashinia
heat the stones till they’re red
unikutakanu mishtikuai
we hang the hide to smoke it
caribou brain mixed with a bit of water

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