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Innucadie: Beginning of the Stories and Legends Festival.

2:21 min. - Joséphine Bacon, an Innu, tells us about the relationship between Innu and Acadians in Natashquan. The Innucadie festival springs from that friendship.


Joséphine Bacon - With this first edition of Innucadie, everyone will discover Natashquan, Pointe-Parent, the Innu, the people, and especially the generosity and hospitality that we experience every day. I think it's fantastic. I worked a lot with my grandparents in Pointe-Parent. And when they told us about the arrival of the first Acadians in Natashquan, they were fishermen from the Magdalen Islands. Well, since fishing was really good that year, and they were busy salting their cod, they forgot to leave. So they were caught in the ice. And the first Acadians went to see the Natashquan Innu, and asked if they could stay here on the coast for the winter. The Innu said: "Why not?" When the Innu came back in the spring, as they did every year to fish for salmon, hunt aquatic birds and make their canoes, the Acadians had prepared firewood for their return. And the Innu shared their catch of pelts with the first Acadians, they shared their snow shovels, their sugar. It was really important. And I think it was like that for many years. You know, the Innu from our part of the world, and the first Acadians here, always got along well. I think Innucadie will rekindle those old memories, and also, these are two peoples of storytellers, the Natashquan Acadians and of course, the Innu. They're both storytellers. The oral tradition, that's also how History marches on.

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elysabeth b 8 years, 8 months ago

merci de m,apprendre qui sont ces gens de Natasquan, j,ignorais qu,il y avait une si belle alliance entre des acadiens et des innus, j,aimerais bien entendre quelques histoires racontées lors de ces festivals:)) j,aime le rythme des vidéos!

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