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Food from the Caribou

Caribou Bones

3:30 min. - After cutting the caribou bones into pieces, we add water and cook them. This is the fat we'll offer to visitors.


Zacharie Bellefleur - There are two kinds of fat on a caribou. The best quality of fat, which we jealously guard and protect, and offer to visitors, comes from the animal's bone marrow.
Narrator - It sometimes happens that hunters show a lack of respect towards the animals. The hunters must then make amends for their absent-mindedness. They've offended Papakassik, the master of the caribou.
Thus, they organize a "feast to the finish", a ceremony of restitution, during which Papakassik demands that all of the caribou fat be eaten in a single night. The hunters must eat everything, scour every last trace, scrape the pots clean, scrub the utensils with moss, and throw the moss into the fire. In addition, the banquet must be over before sunrise, or the hunters risk possible unpleasantness.
After cutting the caribou bones into pieces, we add water and cook them. We ask a taster to monitor the cooking process and appraise it. Also, to conserve the bone marrow, we cook it before incorporating it into the fat. In a word, this fat is a real culinary delight, to be saved for special occasions.
A second category of fat also exists. After cooking the bones once and separating them from the fat, we boil what's left of the bones in hard snow. This results in a substance of lesser quality, which we use to cook dry meat such as hare.

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Élie de Combys 7 years, 6 months ago

Je n'arrive pas à croire que ma culture néglige une nourriture aussi saine et délicieuse. Je n'ai pas de caribous et je ne sais pas chasser, mais je me procure des os de bœuf d'élevage biologique, et bien sûr j'en tire tout ce que je peux, autant la graisse que le bouillon. Quel gaspillage, sinon, et quel manque de respect que de gaspiller!

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smooth rock
he crushes the bones with a mortar and pestle
mamatishakanua uina
they cut the marrow into slices
sculpture of two males in heat
skim the fat from the top of the bone broth
minuassukaimu upimim
we mix the fat with the marrow slices
bone broth
natshi-minu-akutau ushkanima
out of respect for the caribou, he’ll place the bones in an elevated spot
we make tea
skim the bone broth
they cut the meat in large, thin slices
pashtatashkuaikanu mak massekushkamiku ashtakanu tshetshi mamuashkatik
we place wooden blocks and moss on top of it so it will all freeze together
pitaikanu umiku uinashtakat
they add blood to the stomach
shiutau uiashinu
he salts the sliced meat
tshishtaimu uiashinu
he grills meat on a stick
tshissakanua uina
we cook the bone marrow slices
uikutaimu uina
he extracts the bone marrow
boiled bones
he boils the powdered bones
caribou bones not used in the fat-making process
ushkuai akunaikatshenanu nakatuashun
the food packets are covered in birch bark
utapiukatiapia makupitakatsheu nenu utipatshipishikan
he uses roots to tie the dried meat of an entire caribou into a bark container
bark container

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