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Innucadie: Opening

5:10 min. - Opening of Innucadie, Year One of the first Natashquan Stories and Legends Festival, recorded in 2006. Guests: Kathia Rock, Rita Mestokosho, Chloé Ste-Marie, Gilles Carle and the festival’s organizing committee.


Rita Mestokosho - And for thousands of years, as time went by, you have been the heart of our Mother Earth. You are the breath of our people. When you resonate in my heart, you capture my spirit so it can travel. When you rumble like thunder, you give meaning back to my life. I don't know what kind of magic you are. One thing I do know, however, is that mystery surrounded the hands that made you, so you could take the place destiny reserved for you. One must dream in order to hold you. One must know how to sing before touching you. You must continue to vibrate so that our Mother Earth can dance.
Innucadie Story and Legend Festival Year 1
Jacques Lachance et Marie-Paule Malec - You know, Innucadie is the union of two nations, and also the union of thought and spirituality. And it's happening here in Natashquan-Nutashkuan. Thank you for coming.
So, of course we are glad to receive your welcome at this opening ceremony. We are the hosts, the spokespeople. Here, we are in the vast Nitassinan. - Nitassinan. - And our roots. - ...it's Mother Earth. - Mother Earth. - Mother Earth. That's where we put our feet at first, but it gives us energy to participate in the Innucadie Festival. And now, the Innucadie Festival's spokeswoman, Chloé Ste-Marie.
Chloé Sainte-Marie - This is my first visit to Natashquan. And Jacques asked me to be the spokeswoman. But I answered: "I can't be a spokesperson without Gilles Carle". So he said: "Of course we want Gilles Carle as a spokesperson". Because, he said, you are a symbol of time. Actually, what that meant is that we're an old couple.

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