6:01 min. - It’s called Uashat because of the bay surrounding Sept-Iles. This is where the Innu lived before moving over there where the church is located.


Denise Jourdain - It's called Uashat on account of the bay around Sept-Iles. This is where the Innu lived before they moved over there, where there's a church. The Innu returned from the forest by the Saint-Marguerite River and camped here. But because the French and the English were fighting over land, they had to hide. The church was finished in 1850. That is where the Innu gathered in the summer when they went down to the sea. And then came the Reservation. The priests came to provide religious services such as christenings and weddings. Some left and others didn't want to leave the Reservation because their families and friends were buried in the cemetery. Despite agreements that had been made, the Reservation was destroyed when the economic boom came to Sept-Îles. Whites came here to live in large numbers. We became pariahs. We were a bother, we weren't part of the plan. The city accidentally sold part of our land to some Whites. But the federal government compensated us by giving us the land on the old Reservation.
Music - Philippe Mckenzie

The Uashat community’s Boulevard des Montagnais
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Alain Bérube 7 years, 2 months ago

Très intéressant, mais on diraît qu'on a résumé les réponses plutôt que traduire.

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