8:08 min. - Indians from all over the East came to Makuanut to marry. The priests realized that if they wanted to reach the nomadic Indians, they had to go to their gathering places.


Basile Bellefleur - In the old days, there were neither houses, nor schools, doctors or priests. Only Innu tents between April and August. After that, people went into the bush. Indians from all over the eastern regions came to Mashkuanu to marry. The priests understood that to reach the nomadic Indians, they had to go to their gathering places. After building houses, churches and other things, the authorities wanted to force the Pakut-shipu Indians to stay here, without the means to house them. Those people had to head back to Pakut-shipu on foot.
Charlotte Mark - In the old days, we used medicinal plants. Nowadays, the young people refuse, saying these plants stink. They only trust modern medicine.
Jaqueline Mark - The children are losing the language, they don't pronounce it properly. We must advise parents to help their children by saying the real words. Worst of all, we can't teach Innu culture in school. I'd like the elders to come and talk about life and culture, because young people are confused about their identity.
Charles Api Bellefleur - "Life was more peaceful before. Now, we need money to live; we've lost our fathers' way of life." "I haven't had a drink in 13 years and I help those who want to do the same. I also help with suicide prevention." We expose the children to our culture, but when they go home, television and its values of assimilation erase everything we've just gained.
Music - Philippe Mckenzie

Aerial view of the community of Unaman-shipu
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