4:48 min. - There were camps everywhere on the islands off the seashore. We came to hunt seal because we needed moccasins for a winter in the bush.


Philippe Pietacho - There were three different spots where people from Ekuanitshit went into the bush. There was entrance at Peshipitakan, the Magpie River, and here in Patapiunut. All these places had Innu names. On the islands and by the sea. There were camps everywhere.
We came to hunt seal because we needed moccasins for our winter in the bush. Ever since Prime Minister Maurice Duplessis's time, it's been a political mess. The Reservations were surveyed and conflicts were provoked between Reservations.
Before, we shared resources such as salmon rivers. We also caught beaver and fish, we used the portage. There were large salmon with crooked mouths. We caught them with harpoons. Innu came here from all over to eat caribou fat, dance and celebrate. You must remember that before, the Innu had their own rules for living.
Jean-Charles Pietacho - We've lost a lot in 100 years. As chief, I lead the band council. But it's the elders who are in charge of the land, and we have a large territory. Innu need to get along better among themselves and start over as we did before, with a foundation of sharing.

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